We at Premier Laundry revolutionize the commercial laundry realm by providing exceptional hotel linen products. We make sure that our products are consistently of the utmost quality, vowing to make sure that you receive the best linen quality for your hotel.

Our linen rental services and products for hotel, motels and inns are designed to enhance your guest’s experience while helping you save money. Our crisp, fresh pressed linen and plush terrycloth towels will have your guest craving about the luxury and comfort of your rooms as well as set you apart from the competition.

Renting our products is easier than managing your own inventory and maintaining an in-house laundry facility with no capital investment. It can also save your business money each month as you can easily adjust your linen and laundry demands during peak and off-seasons of the year. We offer customized products, services, and delivery schedules as we want to make sure our customer get the best linen along with a good services quality.

Why Switch to Rental Linen Services?

  • No more hassle of providing & cleaning household linens.
  • Fresh linens & towels are delivered as per your order right to the front door of your hotel.
  • Leave the used linens for us to pick them up after used.
  • Flexibly order from our wide selection of rental items; extra beach or bath towel with no problem.
  • All rental linens are professionally cleaned, ironed and inspected.

Linen Supply?

Contact us for your new linen requirement as we only offer the best linen quality to optimize your linen lifespan.

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