One of the biggest goals for many hoteliers continues to be how to maximize linen life. The longer the linen remains in service without a decrease in quality or product integrity, the better the return on investment.

Two enemies of laundries that might reduce product life and have major impact on product quality are stains and “soiled marks, a coloured patch or dirty mark that is difficult to remove.

First, try to prewash merchandise before it is put into service, to remove any chemical finish left on the fabric during manufacturing. If prewashing is done and the product gets soiled or dirty, the marks are more likely to come out during laundering.

During the processing, it is up to the housekeeping employees handling the goods to visually inspect and set aside anything does not meet standards. These items are usually placed in rewash bin that will be sent back through the process for a second time. The soil marks or stain still show after being rewashed, the items will usually be stain-treated using a defined chemical treatment bath by soil classification.

Soiled mark have a tendency to disappear during rewash process while a true stain remains and is still visible, although maybe a little lighter in shade. Examine how Room Attendance, Distribution and Collection Teams handle the linens. (Dragging from Floors or Carpet will normally cause your linens with dark black stripe, Dry wiping of washroom wall and floor will also damage your towels and shorten your towels lifespan).

Consider these tips when processing (if you wish to try out to remove the stain):

  • Make sure water temperatures are set properly to maximize the washing chemicals being used. (Normally would not found in any normal household chemical)
  • Periodically test water used to processing to make sure excessive impurities are not present. (Industrial water filter is the best to perform this kind of purifying)
  • Take measure to ensure soil is classified properly. (First step needed to be taken for Room Attendance to ensure the soil’s stain coming from)
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