To create such an experience at your restaurant, the quality of food, customer service and the setting or ambience of your restaurant have to be consistently top-notch. The first impression that your restaurant gives to your customers is often the most lasting impression of all. Leaving a great first impression is half the battle won. This is vital for your business in the long run. There’s no look in an eatery more consoling than the presence of perfect, crisp and brilliant table material. The client keep confidence in F&B Services organizations that they will be furnished with great nourishment and be presented with a fresh and clean F&B cloth.

Besides tasty food and excellent service, the cleanliness of your establishment as a whole speaks volumes about your restaurant. From table cloths to napkins, from table skirting to placemats, your table linens affect the ambience within your restaurant significantly. They have the power to set the mood, set expectations, increase cleanliness and increase comfort.

Entertaining is so much easier when tablecloths, table runners, cloth napkins, and place mats are ready to use. Even for heirloom linens that we use only a few times each year, you can keep them looking their best by washing, ironing and storing them correctly.

How to Store Table Linens Properly

Always wash or dry clean linens before storing and check each piece for stains. Some stains may not be visible but can provide food for mildew or insects like silverfish. And, be sure the linens are completely dry before you store them. Moisture means mildew.

Store linens in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Wrap them in acid-free tissue paper, not regular tissue paper. The acids in regular tissue paper can yellow white linens. Use the tissue between folds to soften edges; any crisp creases can weaken fibers..

Never store linens in plastic bags, cardboard boxes or in direct contact with cedar chests or any wood drawer. Fumes from petroleum-based polyurethane plastic boxes and wood acids can yellow or weaken the fabrics.

Place heavier pieces like place mats on the bottom, then fabric tablecloths and napkins and place lace pieces on top of the stack. It is better to store linens that have not been starched because starch can attract insects. At least twice per year, refold the linens to prevent continued stress on any one area.

We at Premier Laundry are here to assist and provide you with the best laundry solutions for your restaurant. Food and beverages laundry such as napkins, table cloths, table mats, aprons, personnel’s uniforms and drying towels tend to go through extended use on a regular basis. This is exactly why you need seasoned professionals who know what to do with the different linens and fabric types of your F&B laundry.

Our professionals at Premier Laundry will not only make sure your restaurant laundry is clean and spotless, but also appear good as new upon delivery. We want to help you create an appealing dining environment for your guests. Therefore, contact us today and let our laundry experts take care of your restaurant’s laundry. Now you can fully focus on giving your clients an unforgettable dining experience without breaking the bank, and making your restaurant business a great success in Kota Kinabalu.


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