How to Care Your Uniform

How to Care Your Uniform

You can never redo a first impression. We know one of the first things your guests notice is the appearance of your staff.

Whether you own a small Bed and Breakfast or run a national chain hotel or resort, fitting your entire staff into top quality hotel uniforms sets a professional atmosphere for both employees and guests.

The housekeeping department have to provide every employee with three (3) sets of uniforms according to her/ his position for a period of 2 years. In case of suits and uniform for fine dining restaurant only 2 sets will be issued or it may be stated that front office employees will receive 2 sets while housekeeping employees will receive 3 sets. In case of footwear only safety shoes will be issued to the kitchen and engineering employees by the housekeeping department.

The uniform worn by the employee must be clean and properly ironed. Stains, holes, odors or other signs of wear and tear are not acceptable. Uniform exchange will be done on a 1:1 basis i.e  a clean uniform will be given in exchange for a  soiled one. At the beginning of each shift, she/ he will pick up a clean uniform from the linen room by giving the soiled uniform. If the received uniform is not up to the above mentioned standards, the uniform must be exchanged for a clean one.

At the end of each shift, she/ he will return the uniform to the Linen room and exchange it for a clean one (morning and night shifts). If the linen room is closed then the employee will keep the soiled uniform in the allotted locker and exchange it for a clean one the next day. No employee shall wear her/ his uniform outside the hotel, unless on acompany business. Utmost care of the uniform will be taken by the employee. A regular update of the condition of uniforms is to be given by the housekeeping department to all departments in order to budget for new purchases. Uniform must be complete and impeccable and  Name tags to be worn by all hotel staffs.

Outfitting them in sharp looking uniform adds class and professionalism to your operation. If there is one thing guests take with them, it is the appearance of your staff and your establishment and it will help make your guests stay unforgettable.



Linen Rental vs Buying.

Linen Rental vs Buying.

Are you facing a dilemma when it comes to managing your property linens? Regardless of the industry, one common thing confronts those who operate facilities using tons of linens on a daily basis–whether to go with a linen rental service or to just buy them. If you’re still trying to decide whether linen rental is a more practical choice for your business, consider these advantages or renting vs buying your linens.

  • Cost-effective

Buying your own fine lines means that you will have to replace them anytime they get torn or worn out. The costs can really add up, especially for facility operators and restaurant owners. When using a linen management company, your linens are laundered and re-used so you don’t have to keep buying new products. That could add up to thousands in savings each year!

  • A green alternative

Most linens are simply thrown out and more material must be produced to replace them–that’s wasteful. Rented linens are re-washed, reused, and refurbished providing a much more efficient and environmentally responsible alternative to buying linens.

  • Peace of mind

What do you do when your linens are ripped, stained, or lost? Using a linen management company allows you to have peace of mind knowing your products are being handled in a gentle and caring way.

You can update and replace your linens for a minimal fee when they become worn or outdated. Some linen companies even replace your linens for free. You can customize them and laundering services are often included in the monthly maintenance fee.

  • Saving you more than money

On top of saving businesses money, linen rental is cleaner and ensures that your linens are well maintained so that your business makes a good impression. You never have to worry about embarrassing stains ruining your business presentation or late deliveries causing you problems. Hiring a professional, reliable linen management company saves businesses so much more than money.