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Household & Hotel Cleaning

We caters for all those other chores around the house or hotel, from curtain cleaning-including take down & rehang, to carpet and rug cleaning, not to mention bed linen and duvets.

Our Services

Our service is performed to the highest standards in the industry. Prices may vary depending on the specifics of the garments.

Collection & Delivery

Whether at home or at work our collection & delivery service will take care of your every need. Premier Laundry delivery covers most of Kota Kinabalu. For full details please call 088-751833.
Our Laundry Services

What We Do

We provide quality & premier laundry services for Hospitality Services to Household Launderette in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Our Factory is located at Lok Kawi Industrial Area with a Api Api Collection Centre currently opened at 3-G-17, Lorong Api-Api 2, Api-Api Centre, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Water wash or dry cleaning services are both available. Hotel, Restaurant, Saloon, Corporation and Individual Households are our major customers.

Commercial Laundry

We are adequately equipped with Dry Cleaning Machines; delivery vans; industrial and household Commercial Washing Machines & Dryers from the range of 30 Kg to 100 Kg; Triple Rollers Steam Ironers; Automatic Folding Machines; Boilers with one acting as a backup unit; a backup Generator and water tanks. Hence, we provide uninterrupted services to our choice customers.

Our Operating Hours

We are opened everyday inclusive of Public Holidays and Sundays.
Our Factory opens daily from 8.00 am—5.00 pm.
Api Api Centre Collection Opens 8am to 7pm Daily Via Promenade Service Apartment Reception Counter.

We offer three kinds of service:

Nice – Cheap – Fast
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About Us
We commenced our business on November 11, 2011 to meet the dire needs for a quality laundry service. In the short duration since our opening, we are already commanding an excellent reputation in and around Kota Kinabalu for providing a reliable, high quality and on time service for both domestic and commercial laundry.

With our Factory sited at our own parcel of land situated at Lok Kawi Industrial Area, we have endeavored to provide our customer with their expected quality laundry at all times. Our customer loyalty has enabled us to expand and become an undisputed Dry Cleaning Specialist in and around Kota Kinabalu. The opening of our Outlet Api-Api Centre aids the convenience to our customers.

More Outlets are expected to be opened in various locations to serve the Kota Kinabalu Communities better. Therefore, feel free to contact us about your laundry needs.

Our dry clean machines, washers, dryers, ironers and the folding machines are technologically advanced in nature to ensure the best result of washing in our factory. We are committed to provide a commercial laundry service which is expanding though the value, commitment and with quality result that benefits our individual customer such as Hotelier, Resort, Restaurant, Saloon, or a private household. We strive on providing a service and tailor made it to suite your business requirements. You are most welcome to contact us for all your laundry needs.


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Dry Cleaning Services

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Household & Hotel Cleaning

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Why Dry Cleaning

Jacket & Coats

Wedding Gowns

All kinds of Winter Coat

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent other than water. It is used to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer; it can also obviate labor-intensive hand washing. The technique is ideal for clothing made of natural fibers such as silk and wool. And as manufacturers of some of today’s hottest fashion must-haves move away from cotton toward fabrics with other natural fibers, expect to see the “dry clean only” label more often. Because silk and wool can be damaged by water, they require special care that dry cleaning provides. That means there’s no getting around it, folks: dry-clean only means dry-clean only. While your best cashmere sweaters and suits need to be dry-cleaned, the laundering process is more sophisticated, and you get the shirt back in a better manner.
The dyes used to color your garments sometimes dissolve in water or solvent. A dye which is applied using water can usually come out in water but is colorfast when Dry-Cleaned. There are however items that are labeled to be washed which contain dyes that may weaken in the dry-cleaning process.
Some materials contain fibers which are made from the hair of different animals. Examples of these are wool, angora and cashmere. The fibers when magnified look similar to the old fashioned antenna’s that you could collapse with one section sliding into the next. These fibers that are prone to shrinkage tend to retract in water unless specially protected with special chemicals. Dry-cleaning does not affect these fibers in a way that causes shrinkage and therefore is a preferred method for cleaning them.
There are some trims and glues used in manufacturing that can dissolve or be damaged in water. Interfacing that are applied inside some garments may also be affected and come loose or shrink in water.
The pleats on some materials are put in using different methods. Some are permanent and others are not. Water causes some pleats to disappear where dry-cleaning is usually safe and will not harm them.
Some materials are treated with special sizing’s which are chemicals used to make a material feel a certain way. This feel is referred to as the “hand”. Water can be damaging to the hand or feel by removing some sizing’s applied during manufacturing thus making them feel limp or course. Dry-cleaning does not affect these water soluble sizings and leaves the clothes feeling soft and firm at the same time.
What Should and Shouldn’t Be Dry Clean?

What Should and Shouldn’t Be Dry Clean?

Dry cleaning uses chemical solvents, not water, to clean delicate natural and synthetic fibers. This serves several purposes: Dry cleaning helps prevent shrinking, distortion, changes in texture, loss of color, and other damage that can occur when delicate items...

Linen Rental Service

Linen Rental Service

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Why Need Premier Laundry?

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How to Care Your Uniform

How to Care Your Uniform

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Linen Rental vs Buying.

Linen Rental vs Buying.

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How to Remove Mystery Stains from Linen

How to Remove Mystery Stains from Linen

You're enjoying that jelly doughnut and cup of latte right up to the point the jelly dribbles onto your shirt. You know immediately what caused the problem and how to tackle the stain (or you quickly look it up!). But, sometimes mystery stains appear on clothes and...

How Dry Cleaning Works

How Dry Cleaning Works

Doing laundry has been a common household activity for years. Whether the techn­ology­ was­ beating the garments on rocks by the river or pushing buttons on programmed washing machines, this process depend…

Handle Your F&B Carefully!

Handle Your F&B Carefully!

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How to protect your linens lifespan

How to protect your linens lifespan

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